Welcome to Theran

A world in turmoil after the mysterious decline of the human race. The remaining Races jockey for position and power in the vacuum. Their struggle is in no way helped by the sudden appearance of the Dwarven clans above the surface.

Having been driven out of their ancestral underground home, the dwarves and their allies now try to carve a home for themselves among the surfacers, to gain support—or at least troops—to retake their homeland from the Golems.

War brews on all sides, as each race finds their borders suddenly under siege, and skirmishes often turn into outright conflict. In the middle of this growing turmoil, you have struck out on your own, inspired by your past, your future goals, to make a name for yourself, to gain support for your people, and to put your own stamp upon the troubled kingdoms.

But you will not work alone.

Legends of Theran

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