Vampires: actually pure humans with a disease/enchantment/etc.

Giants: live in the mountains, very isolated from the Smallen. They were barely aware of the other races until the dwarves began making inroads on their territory after being forced from their own

Fae: Fairies, Wee Folk, Elves, etc: Numerous but unorganized. They live everywhere, but in small clan groups. Their tendency against organization has them losing against the more united races

Dwarves: Driven from their homes beneath the mountains. They’ve used superior crafting abilities to fashion weapons and armor that’ve made conquest of the surfacer world relatively easy. Taken over land previously held by humans.

Orcs: Misjudged by the other races for their fearsome appearance. Actually a gentle, scholarly people forced to war by the fears of the other species and encroachment on their lands

Golems: Created by the dwarves many centuries ago, learned the secret of their own creation and rebelled. drove the dwarves from their ancient homelands. Live underground and are rarely, if ever, encountered.

Centaurs: Seen by the other races to be somewhat unsophisticated thanks to their equine half. Good natured, brawl amongst themselves for fun, love good music, good food and good fights


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